Our Team

The people behind DOT Glasses have decades of international experience from the corporate, management consulting, entrepreneurial and non-profit sectors. But mostly, they're passionate about the DOT Glasses mission.

Romana Staehelin

Head of Legal

Romana Staehelin is a corporate lawyer who has worked for global law firms such as Linklaters and Freshfields, but more recently served as General Counsel for the top players in the European transport industry.

However, Romana is always active in other pursuits as well. She has successfully completed two major multi-million dollar construction projects (managing every step of the process, from the financing, design, permitting and construction, through the sale of units), but much closer to her heart is the work she's been doing for a number of NGOs and non-profits over the years.

In 2016, Romana spent a summer working in an orphanage and school in the Kibera slums of Nairobi – a truly transformative experience. Not only did she have her first taste of teaching daily classes in the school, but on her return to Prague she set up a donor program to supply "her" orphanage with equipment to create a sustainable income stream to improve the lives of the children. She also enjoys working with underprivileged children closer to home and has been active in providing after-school tutoring to children from low-income minority families for the past few years.

As a co-founder of DOT Glasses, Romana was able to obtain the innovation patent for the DOT Glasses frame design, as well as securing a sizable matching funds grant from the Czech Development Agency's B2B Program. She focuses her current efforts on managing DOT Glasses' finances and providing project management, and will be spending more time with customers and partners in the field as distribution ramps up.