The DOT Glasses Solution

We combine a radical innovative design with an extremely simplified and scalable ecosystem to drive total costs per glasses down... way down

The Frame

Our patented, snap-together, adjustable frame has been designed by a joint venture of Mercedes Benz and Akka Technologies, bringing a fresh and functional approach to a classical product.

By manufacturing only one design, as well as only one size of all the parts, DOT Glasses is able to aggressively reduce manufacturing costs by tapping into the massive scale advantage derived from concentrated, high volume production.

The frames are 100% injection molded ABS plastic, which makes them extraordinarily robust - even in extreme weather conditions or when exposed to rough handling. Each frame consists of 6 pieces that are easily assembled in a matter of minutes.

The smart design incorporates fully functional joints without requiring any metal inserts or hinges (which are traditionally a key point of failure, as well as adding to the production cost). The frames are self-adjustable by anyone, anywhere - and fashionable according to today’s trends.

The Lenses

Our frames are designed to accommodate standard lenses, specially shaped so that the same lens can be used for a left or a right eye.

The lens is also made from polycarbonate, with a scratch-resistant coating. Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lenses on the market, as well as being the lowest cost suitable solution on the market. They are perfectly shaped to snugly snap into the frames, without the need for any tools. And of course, should a lens need to be replaced - it’s a question of seconds to pop out the current lens and insert a new one.

Although the full DOT Glasses solution includes the lenses to be able to immediately address the needs of customers “in the field”, the frames are also suited for lenses from any other lens provider. To make prescription eyeglasses truly accessible to the widest number of people, we want to make sure to support local or regional businesses that are already present in the eye care industry, in addition to addressing those local markets that have no access to corrective vision.

Distribution models


Where professional eye screenings are available, we provide a standardized set of lens powers to combine with our one-size-fits-all frames. This enables DOT Glasses to provide the lowest end-to-end cost solution for getting people to their perfect vision.

Leveraging the available infrastructure and capabilities to the maximum extent possible, Government programs can provide citizens with proper eye care, while getting the maximum impact for the allocated budget.

Even in cases where subsidies are not available (or extremely limited), DOT Glasses are affordable – even for people living under the poverty line. In addition to the low cost of the actual eyeglasses, the process to provide glasses is very short.

Glasses are ready within minutes of an eye exam, which means there are never complex and expensive two-way logistics, lost orders, shipping delays or problems to find the address of the new eyeglasses owners.


All-in-one affordable vision care solution. We provide a complete kit that includes 20 frames, 2 vision testers with a pupil distance measuring tool, and 60 lenses with strengths defined by our statistical model.

Although our frames will be distributed through existing eye care channels (as an alternative to the currently available selection of costlier, less customizable frames), DOT Glasses provides easy to use and customizable Vision Kits that can be used to conduct accurate vision test even in the remote parts of the world.
These “Vision Kits” are a self-contained starter kits containing everything necessary to fit 20 people with prescription eyeglasses.

These Vision Kits will be sold nearly at cost to local aspiring entrepreneurs or enterprising individuals - with the help of a DOT Glasses-provided microloan if needed. Alternatively, these Vision Kits can help to extend reach of the existing eye care centres. Once the initial stock in a Vision Kit is sold, new frames and lenses will be supplied, whereas the diagnostic tools will be re-used.

The idea is to help create micro-businesses in local communities, that will then be able to serve their community to improve vision.

Our first user Samuel

Samuel from the Huambo province in Angola suffered from poor vision for quite some time, and it eventually lead to the loss of his job (that he really liked). Without access to health care and resources for corrective glasses, his prospects to find new employment didn't look good. After being fitted with a pair of DOT Glasses during our first pilot program, Samuel can once again see clearly. A few weeks later, he was very excited to report that he'd found a new job that he really enjoyed.

This success story from our very first "in the field" experience was a huge shot of adrenaline for us and it made us redouble our effort. The world is waiting for a solution to this crippling problem, and DOT Glasses has what it takes.

Field trials in India

DOT Glasses spent 2 weeks in India working with 4 different partners across 4 regions to perform large scale field trials of our vision camp kit. Every day was a new learning experience for us, but every day also brought us more validation that we had a solution that was truly different... and one that worked exactly as we had hoped.

We'd also like to offer a big "thank you" to all of our partners that graciously prepared vision camps, provided us their people, and believed in our vision. It's a great feeling to work together with like-minded organizations that are on the ground every day, helping the people of India to see better.