So simple that even non-traditional channels work

We partner with existing networks in the field, that we equip with vision kits to dispense glasses as an additional service to their current activities.

Non-profits / NGOs

Increase impact with current resources

Increase the financial sustainability of existing efforts

Government entities​

Enhance economic productivity

Create better livelihoods

Improve educational outcomes

Commercial channels

Earn a good margin on a high impact product

Generate more income from existing sales channels

Micro-entrepreneurs networks

Create a new business opportunities

Extend the distribution portfolio


Enhance worker productivity

Provide meaningful societal benefit at a low cost

Simple ways to bring good vision to your community

Distribute Door-to-door

Field agent offers glasses directly to individuals/ families in a community

Distribute at a Fixed location

Long-term presence in one place where patients can go for basic eyecare

Vision camps

Full-day events to test vision and dispense glasses for the entire community (school, factory, village)

We enable various sustainable business models


Margins ensure profitability throughout the distribution chain


End-user price includes a margin to finance other non-profit activities or at least cover overhead & operational costs


Grants to reduce the price of glasses, launch the program and/or seed micro-entrepreneurs

Help the community & support the local economy

By simplifying the supply chain and removing the need of an optometrist, DOT Glasses can deliver cheap prescription glasses via channels that may not have any previous eyecare experience.

Help the community & support the local economy