Everything you need to start your vision program


Small Vision Kit

Small, laptop-sized bag with everything needed to test vision and provide 20 customized eyeglasses (2kg). Kits are durable, low-cost and can be refilled quickly.

Vision Camp Kit

Large kit with everything needed to test vision and provide glasses for 120 people. It includes pop out modules and is easy to carry as shoulder bag or backpack (8kg).

Frames & Lenses

Eyeglasses frame components (ISO 12870) with scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Children’s frames available in different colors.

Testing Tools

A set of vision testers (one for reading glasses, one for seeing far) both with a built-in pupil distance measurement tool. Each kit contains vision testing charts.


Microfiber clothes and pouches (for cleaning glasses and protection). The pouches can be branded with partner logos.

See the video how to assemble DOT Glasses in 2 minutes!

See the video how to assemble DOT Glasses in 2 minutes!

Crash tests - scratch and impact resistance

Thousands of satisfied users in more than 10 countries

“Overall, has the quality of your life improved as a result of wearing DOT Glasses?”

“How do you like the visual appearance of DOT Glasses?”

Source: Mary Immaculate VCT Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, March/2020, randomly selected respondents from 120 glasses users

Jabali photo


Kenya DOT Glasses User

At 12 years old, glasses improved Jabali’s school grades, and also helps him to play football with friends.

Eugenie photo


Madagascar DOT Glasses User

Sewing provides the main income for her family, but her worsening eyesight made it harder and harder to do her job.

Senthil photo


India DOT Glasses User

Senthil is a professional driver and glasses prevent him from fatal road accidents that occur every 4 minutes in New Delhi.