All-in-one vision care solution

No Optometrist Needed

Avg. Diopter Variance
+/- 0.375 diopters

Max. Diopter Variance
+/- 0.75 diopters

Typical Partners
Commercial Networks

Traditional eyecare upgraded: instant delivery and low cost

Optometrist Needed

Avg. Diopter Variance
+/- 0.125 diopters

Max. Diopter Variance
+/- 0.25 diopters

Typical Partners
Existing Eye Care Networks

Radical concept

All-in-one affordable vision care solution. We provide complete kits with vision testers and a lens selection defined by our statistical model.

Our proven “good enough” vision concept revolutionizes the testing and lens selection process, making it extremely simple and limiting the need for expensive equipment or trained vision care professionals to treat basic refractive errors. Additionally, it reduces inventory costs that further helps to reduce the overall cost to deliver vision correction.

The statistically limited lens concept further enables DOT Glasses to be distributed via the existing channels of healthcare organizations, governments, non-profit organizations and even retail chains, without needing any previous eye care experience.

Classical concept

Where professional eye screenings are available, we provide a standardized set of spherical lens powers to combine with our one-size-fits-all frames.

This approach enables DOT Glasses to provide the lowest end-to-end cost solution for getting people to their perfect vision, leveraging existing vision care infrastructure and skills.

In addition to the low cost of the eyeglasses, the process to provide glasses remains extremely easy. Glasses are ready within minutes of an eye exam, which means there are never complex and expensive two-way logistics, lost orders, shipping delays, problems to find the address of the new eyeglasses owners or high inventory costs.

Simplified vision testing

A set of vision testers included in every vision kit provides access to improved vision for people in even the most remote areas, without the need for eye doctors. The set includes two testers – one for reading lenses, one for seeing far, a pupil distance measurement tool and vision charts.