Bradley Heslop


Bradley is a serial entrepreneur driven to prove business as a force for positive social change. In everything he does he aims to create positive cultural change that frees people from injustices and social barriers so that they can, under their own strength, achieve their potential. Bradley has a logical mind, balanced with an empathetic nature.
While completing his Masters in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southampton, emphasis on the space, he discovered his passion of applying business principles to social challenges. He started several initiatives to increase the sustainability of impact and founded an initiative that resulted in a new University of Southampton department focused on student enterprises.
For the last 7 years Bradley has applied himself to developing social businesses with and for vulnerable communities in sub-Saharan Africa. His aim is to support communities to address their own issues sustainably through business. Now Bradley is Founder and Managing Director – Africa of WSV, a social franchiser and consultancy which develops community businesses for the aforementioned communities. WSV has developed three social franchises and scaled to over 250 businesses in 4 countries.
Bradley is a speaker, mentor and life-long student. He has received significant recognition for his drive and passion for positive cultural change, including being ranked 5th in the Top 100 Future Leaders publication.