Oren Ginzburg

Advisory Council Member
Oren Ginzburg has worked in Development for over two decades with UNICEF, Save the Children, and The Global Fund. He currently serves as the Director of the Access to Health Fund (UNOPS) in Myanmar.

Oren has been a regular lecturer at the ESSEC Business School in France, focusing on global development topics. He is also a writer and illustrator – and has often used the medium of story-telling to highlight issues in Management and International Development (“The Hungry Man”, “There You Go!”…). In 2018 he was the recipient of a French/German literary award for his first novel for children – Le Destin Presque Timbre d’Etienne Durillon.
Oren is a Lawyer by training; he has also studied business management, Psychology, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, and Coaching.