Although the United States is an advanced economy with a state-of-the-art healthcare system, due to challenges with access more than 35 million Americans lack health insurance. Among those that do have health insurance, more than 50% have no coverage for preventive eye health and vision care.

The result is that tens of millions of Americans must purchase expensive alternatives to corporate or government-supported insurance options. With skyrocketing medical costs, many cannot afford care of any kind, and a significant number have no vision care even when provided with other healthcare options.

Dot Glasses has stepped in to provide a low-cost solution to those without health insurance, including the homeless, unemployed or under-insured. Working directly with community health clinics, public hospitals and homeless shelters, Dot Glasses is striving to ensure all Americans can improve their lives by seeing better

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Jana Kornberg

Founder and Executive Director, DOT Glasses USA