The Red Dot Design Award for DOT Glasses

High-quality design is at the core of what we do at DOT Glasses. Our product needs to be durable, easy to assemble, cheap to mass produce and adjustable to fit different head shapes. At the same time, it needs to be fashionable so that people love to wear our glasses every day.

It took us a few years and many failed attempts to get it right. Hence we are now even more excited to announce that DOT Glasses were awarded the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design! Thanks to Stedina Design for all the design support along the way and to our agents in the field for all the feedback to make our product better.

When applying for a Red Dot Design Award (the DOT in the name is coincidence), DOT Glasses solution had to prove to 50 international experts that the product is durable, adjustable for different faces and still fashionable – especially, when for most of our users it’s their first time when they can afford glasses. The award pays tribute not just to the smart and good-looking design, but also to the overall solution.